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In a world where one mans love of movies and his passion for vaping collide comes...
Liquid Hollywood!

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Ecto Puft E-Liquid Hoggle's Hookah Mal's Munchies
Ecto Puft E-Liquid
Our Price: $14.99
Hoggle's Hookah
Our Price: $14.99
Mal's Munchies
Our Price: $14.99

This delicious stuff was leaking out of our Ghost Containment Unit, so we decided to vape it. Tangy with a hint of marshmallow and a dab of menthol, this flavor will make every molecule on your taste buds explode at the speed of light.

Mixed at the center of a Labyrinth by a horde of little goblins, this peachy tobacco flavor will make you jump and dance.

*May contain fairy innards.

A ruttin’ good concoction from the outer rim, Mal’s Munchies is the best coconut cookie flavor this side of the gorram ‘Verse. This shiny vape is sure to help you find serenity.

Royale With Cheese Sweeney's Stash
Royale With Cheese
Our Price: $14.99
Sweeney's Stash
Our Price: $14.99

“And I will drip down upon thee with great trepidation and glorious flavor into that which fills my lungs. And you will know I am the Vaper when I blow my clouds upon you."

A creamy dessert flavor with hints of custard, Bavarian cream, and a dash of cheesecake, this flavor is anything but fiction.
Mr. Sweeney’s miracle elixir. Drop it on your wicks, sir! A dab will do.
An alcoholic lemonade flavor, Sweeney’s stash is a sour treat worth killing for.