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Hello, and thanks for stopping at Master Mix E-Liquid!

I just wanted to take a minute and explain what this store is about, and how it came into being.

I started vaping in early 2010 and loved it instantly but I had some issues with the e-liquid that was available. I just couldn’t find an e-liquid with the level of quality I liked. A cherry pie flavored liquid for instance would taste like they put a cherry pie in a blender. Later when I learned the techniques of mixing I realized why those liquids were poor in quality. They were mass mixed in huge batches and sat around for weeks or months before I got them. Now, there are instances where an e-liquid gets better when aged, but not all flavors need to be “steeped”. I thought I should be able to decide what should steep, and for how long and what shouldn’t. This drove me to mixing. I was a lab technician by trade, so it came naturally to me. I mixed for myself and my close friends and soon word got out. Before long anyone in our little town who vaped would hunt me down. We had friends, friends of friends, coworkers and family calling at all hours of the day looking for a custom blend.

To make a long story short, we opened a vapor shop in our little town; Mid-TN Vapor Shop. We wanted to make a place where people felt comfortable coming in and asking questions regardless of how they came to vaping. Every day or so someone new will come in to the shop with a kit purchased from who-knows-where, and a ton of questions. We try to answer all their questions, mix them a free bottle of e-liquid and send them out happier, and hopefully a little more knowledgeable. They usually return for more e-liquid. All the e-liquid in our shop is custom made right on the spot to the customer’s specification. Our e-liquid is so good we want to share it with everybody; hence Master Mix E-Liquid was born.

We didn’t want Master Mix to be the same as all the other sites. We want the experience to be the same as when you walk in our front door. We have a friendly knowledgeable staff, and the best American made e-liquid you can find (and it’s completely customizable). Our main focus’ here are quality and customer service. We don’t throw away money on flashy packaging or mascots or extravagant advertising campaigns. We put our money into the quality of our e-liquid and our customer service.

This site was made for vapers by vapers, to give you the best vaping experience possible. If you have any problems call us at 1-866-969-VAPE (8273) or email us at


Mid-Tn Vapor Shop is located:
117 W. Main St.
Manchester, TN 37355, USA
(931) 723-8278

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